Jo Nagasaka is a Japanese artist and designer world-renowned for his fresh approach to traditional crafts. He adapts techniques in innovative and distinctly contemporary ways to create uniquely bold designs across a variety of different mediums. His new collaboration with Artek celebrates a centenary of close diplomatic ties between Finland and Japan.


Since founding his own Tokyo-based multi-disciplinary firm, Schemata Architects, in 1998, Jo Nagasaka has completed projects that include architectural builds, large-scale installations, interactive interior environments and furniture design. Bringing his fresh approach to design to every project, Nagasaka is the brains behind the DESCENTE flagship store in Tokyo, the MR PORTER x BEAMS exhibition in London and Danish interior design brand HAY’s store in Tokyo.

Jo Nagasaka has now turned his skilled hand to furniture in an exclusive collaboration with Artek. In the collection, he reimagines Alvar Aalto’s beloved Stool 60, Bench 153B and Tea Trolley 901 using his ColoRing surface treatment. Based on the age-old Japanese craft techniques of Udukuri and Tsugaru-nuri, ColoRing showcases the wood’s natural grain whilst juxtaposing it with surprising colour combinations and irregular patterns.

Stool 60 ColoRing Jo Nagasaka Collection


Designed by Alvar Aalto in 1933 and available in a range of colourways, the ColoRing Stool 60 is crafted by Artek and was reinterpreted by Jo Nagasaka in 2019.

The design celebrates 100 years of strong diplomatic relations between Finland and Japan and makes up part of Artek’s FIN/JPN Friendship Collection, created in collaboration with Japanese and Finnish designers.

Crafted in Finland using solid Finnish birch wood, the seat is finished with a soft-grained pine veneer and transformed using Nagasaka’s innovative ColoRing technique. Up until now, ColoRing had involved a time-consuming, fully manual process created by fusing the traditional Japanese methods of Udukuri and Tsugaru-Nuri. Thanks to Artek’s revolutionary manufacturing techniques, the design can now be bought to a broader audience.

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