Respectfully inspired by the rituals of African tribes, the palm trees and oversized djellabas that surround her daily life, Laurence Leenaert designs and trades under the name LRNCE. Using a combination of the knowledge and patience of Moroccan artisans, as well as her innate sense of design, Leenaert aims to create contemporary designs that support local craftspeople, particularly women, whose hard work has often been underrepresented and neglected.


Having studied at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, Leenaert took her creative experience on a spontaneous move to Marrakesh, founding LRNCE in 2013. The laissez-faire attitude of the city and the freedom of a plan-free life allows Leenaert to craft unmatched, spontaneous pieces through the combination of considered materials and spontaneous design elements. Focused on interior decoration and accessories, Leenaert sources exclusively North African production to guarantee closeness to the creation of her carefully handcrafted products.

From textiles to ceramics and from jackets to sandals, the dynamic and colourful offering to be found at LRNCE is delightfully cheerful, inspired by the smallest everyday happenings to otherworldly themes of tribes, cults and rituals. A mix of European finesse with North African flair, LRNCE first and foremost pays homage to the works of Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró. Leenaert states that it is essential for her to mix the right colours, textures and materials. This way, all her products are unified trough a connection to one another.

Visage Vase


Inspired by the symbols and colours found in the Moroccan desert, this Visage Vase by Laurence Leenaert for LRNCE would bring a unique touch to any space.

Designed and hand-painted by Leenaert in her small riad at the centre of Marrakesh’s medina, each abstract vase in this collection has a slightly different design that makes it unique. With vivid colours, organic shapes and abstract lines, the Visage Vase is symptomatic of Laurence’s spontaneous approach to design.

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