Influenced by Swiss modernist design, QWSTION specialises in sustainably sourced products that adapt to both formal and casual surroundings, as and when required. Developed in Zürich, all its products are crafted to the highest ethical and environmental standards in Europe and Asia.

With functionality, design and sustainability at its core, QWSTION has prioritised organic materials since its inception, just over a decade ago. Crafting its bags, accessories and jackets from high-density organic cotton canvas, it is constantly immersed in the latest research and developments. Its defining moment was the invention of the open-source project, Bananatex. A worthwhile investment, the resistant material is fashioned from the strong fibres of the Abacá banana plant, making it durable, biodegradable and waterproof with a natural beeswax coating.

The plant grows at a rapid rate, allowing regular harvests with low maintenance and no need for chemicals or pesticides. Not only does it aid in reforestation after the cutting down of palm trees, but it also provides prosperity to the hardworking communities of the Philippines. QWSTION’s first products to benefit from Bananatex are the Roll Pack and Hip Pouch; the backpack is cleverly designed with an expandable compartment while the compact waist bag is perfect for everyday essentials.

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