Founded in 2011 by Chrissy Fichtl, APOTHEKE is inspired by the simple moments in life. Rooted in the curation of the finest fragrances, soaps and oils, each APOTHEKE candle and diffuser is crafted with care by hand. Using the most refined perfume-grade fragrance oils and soy wax, the environmentally conscious brand creates cruelty-free products from unique scent recipes infused with tradition, with a luxurious and contemporary edge.


From humble beginnings selling soap in farmers markets, APOTHEKE has grown to become a leading fragrance and luxury goods brand. From their base in Brooklyn, New York, the company developed to open its first factory in 2012, with a new production line led by Sebastian Picasso, founder Chrissy’s husband. Together, the duo have maintained their philosophy that high-quality and luxury goods can still be made locally in the US.

With a focus on reciprocal partnerships and responsible local production, APOTHEKE has donated thousands of bars of soap over the years to the Bowery Mission in New York, a homeless charity and care service. The brand also partners with Autism Tomorrow and Your Mom Cares, allowing their beautifully packaged and wonderfully scented soaps and candles to carry impact well beyond their customers' bathrooms and homes.

White Vetiver Candle


Enhance your home’s ambience with APOTHEKE’s White Vetiver Candle.

Hand-poured in the USA from perfume-grade fragrance oils and soy wax, each cruelty-free candle burns up to 70 hours. The scent features intertwining notes of cashmere, eucalyptus, lilac, vetiver, sandalwood, amber and cedarwood.

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